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Review of The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey



While I did like this book, part of me felt like it was just another end of the world survival, cant trust the government, so ill try to expose them and make an insane dangerous get away at the end. 


1st Wave: Total Darkness

2nd Wave: Tsunami

3rd Wave: Plague

4th Wave: Silencers

5th Wave: Read to find out!


I did enjoy the writing style, told as a stream conscience.


We start off with following Cassie who is surviving all alone trying to find her brother, who was taken from her. She believes that staying alone is the only way to stay alive. That is until Evan Walker finds her and takes her in. Cassie has to figure out what he is and if she can trust him. 


While I did feel connected to the characters and I was really rooting for them, I felt like it may have been to predictable. We all know by now that when it comes to apocalyptic books and a government program tells you to trust them DON'T. I did enjoy the humor that was written into this book. Our main character Cassie is a sarcastic kick ass lead. Over all I would definitely recommend this, and I can't wait to see where the sequel goes!


We do have other point of views but I cant say without spoiling everything!



Review of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell



My first Rainbow Rowell book. This one has been sitting on my shelf for a long time now. While I did enjoy this one, I'm not sure what all of the hype is about. It's definitely cute, quirky, awkward and heart breaking, I just don't think it's the best book ever. 


Eleanor and Park is set in Nebraska, We follow to high school kids, Eleanor and Park. Eleanor is the new girl who comes from a broken home. Park is just trying to fit in and not make waves. When Eleanor appears on his school bus with nowhere else to sit, he makes the decision to let her sit with him. Eleanor is different from the other kids. She wears different clothing, no make up, and has big curly red hair. The other kids tease her relentlessly Park feels like a misfit because he is Asian. He has a better home life than Eleanor, but his relationship with his father is rocky. Park doesn't feel accepted by him. Over time, Eleanor and Park begin a sort of friendship through music and comics. She slowly starts to confide in him about her home life. Eventually they fall in love.




I did have a few problems with this one. Until the last fifty pages of the book, I wasn't even sure they were truly in love with each other. They seemed to just be attached to one another because they were the only friends they had. They both found someone who didn't fit in. The other problem I had was the ending. If Rainbow Rowell was trying to break my heart then I understand while she did it. But for Eleanor and Park's sake it didn't need to end that way! 


The book did make me smile and want to cry at parts. It was definitely the most awkward and quirky thing I have ever read. 

Reading progress update: I've read 235 out of 336 pages.

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

My first Rainbow Rowell book! I'm liking this one so far, I'm not sure what all of the hype is about, its definitely quirky and awkward. 

Review of 172 Hours on the Moon By Johan Harstad

172 Hours on the Moon - Tara F. Chace, Johan Harstad





Just finished this book and I feel like my head just exploded! This one is a sci-fi/horror targeted for young adult readers. 


NASA has been suffering from lack of interest, and lack of funding. They haven't sent anyone to the moon since 1972. NASA decided to hold a lottery for teenagers to be sent up on the next trip to the moon. Mia, Midori, and Antoine are the lucky winners. (Or not so lucky!) I cant say too much about what happens on the moon without spoiling the whole book. However, THEY ARE BEING LIED TO! 


We follow different perspectives and while that added to the creepy and mysterious feel to the book, it was often hard to tell who was speaking and when. There wasn't clear indicators who was talking. I also found myself not really becoming attached to any of the characters, but somehow that didn't really lessen the experience of reading it. Another aspect I didn't care for about the characters was the INSTA-LOVE. Antoine and Mia are throwing around the words I love you a week into meeting each other. We also get perspectives from the side characters, the astronauts. I did enjoy that.


You can really see how much research was done to write this book. Everything from NASA history, to Japanese folk stories, was looked at to make this book accurate. I loved this book because it truly freaked me out, and kept me guessing about what is happening to them on the moon. A pleasant surprise I didn't know going into this book was its graphic designs. We have eerie photos, letters, and text. They really added to the overall dark and creepy feel to the book.


I would definitely recommend this one to all readers! 


Reading progress update: I've read 149 out of 351 pages.

172 Hours on the Moon - Tara F. Chace, Johan Harstad

Loving this one so far!


I love the weird, mysterious feeling it gives off. I definitely feel like they are being lied to about whats in space!! Shit is going to get crazy soon! 

Review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

**Spoiler Free**


I cant get into this review too much without spoiling it, its the fourth book out of seven. 


Overall, in Goblet of Fire I really feel like things were heating up, it was becoming darker. Pieces of the whole puzzle were being put together. I love how this one had the Triwizard Tournament, I liked how it strayed from the usual course of events. I loved how we got to see a more feminine side of Hermione, I enjoyed her scenes with Krum, and the boys trying to ask girls to the dance. I love how Hermione tried to free the house elfs and try to basically unionize them. She's definitely my favorite character. 


So far, this is my favorite book out of the series. I cant wait to see where it goes. 

Reading progress update: I've read 273 out of 734 pages.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

Okay so i'm reading this and i cant stop thinking about how J.K. Rowling is a master at world building. I don't think anything will ever come close to being as good in that aspect. I just think about how huge Harry Potter is with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and pottermore, J.K. Rowling is a God. I think this one is also my favorite out of the series so far.

January Wrap Up






Excellent reading month to start off the year!!


I read six books this month and I'm pretty happy about all of them. 


Walk On Earth A Stranger

By far my favorite book this month! Takes place during the California Gold Rush. After a tragedy at home Lee Westfall has to leave her home and travel with a wagon train out west, while trying to run from her uncle who is tracking her. 


The Martian

I really did like this one. I learned a lot and I liked the different perspectives. I thought giving Mark a sense of humor made it so much more enjoyable. The only thing that i hated was all of the science and space talk! It wasn't even explained at a level where everyone could understand. Basically if you don't have a science background some of it is completely lost on you. This book gave me all the feels though!


Lair of Dreams 

Wont say much about this one because it is a sequel to The Diviners.Takes place in 1920's New York City. I did find this one to drag on more than the first one did. It wasn't as scary or creepy as the first.


Wolf By Wolf

I REALLY wanted to get into this one! It's an alternate History about what would happen if Hitler won the war. A girl named Yael works for the resistance and it is her mission to win the annual motorcycle race, meet Hitler and kill him. However, I just could not get into it. It slow and boring. 



All I need to say about this one TREASURE HUNT THROUGH TIME! Henrietta has to travel through time looking for the astrolobe that many people have been searching for, for hundreds of years! Along the way she uncovers the truth about her mother.



This one was nothing like I have ever read before. It takes place in a mute Chinese Village who is also going blind. It centers around Chinese folklore. When our main character gets her hearing back she sets off on a journey to find out what is happening to her and her village. 


I hope you all had a great reading month!!



Review of Soundless by Richelle Mead

Soundless - Richelle Mead




This is a stand alone, which is nice because I don't read to many stand alone novels. Everything seems to be a trilogy or some dragged out series.


I loved this book because it was nothing like anything I have read before. It is categorized as Y/A fantasy. It takes place mostly in a mute Chinese village centering around Chinese folklore. That in itself was enough to intrigue me. Our main lead is Fei, she lives in a mining village on top of a mountain. They are starving and going blind. The village relies on a zipline at the bottom for all of their food. When the metal they are mining becomes less and less, so does the food. All Fei, has is her sister Zhang Jing, she looks out, and acts like a mother to her. One night Fei, is awoken by a loud noise. Suddenly, sound is her weapon. She sets out on a journey with a miner, who brings the possibility of romance to discover what is happening to her and her village. 


I definitely thought this book did not need a sequel. However, because it was only about 260 pages I felt that some parts of the story were rushed. Big scenes felt like they needed more time to explain. Their journey down the mountain only took about three pages. I felt like that should have been written more as an exciting, nerve wracking scene. I would have also liked to know a time period that this story takes place in. I know they have lost track of the Kings from the town that sends them food, but that's all we know. I also think that the world building could have been done better. We don't know much about the location, history or the township that that brings them the food. I guess a fantasy novel can be hard to write in a stand alone that only has 260 pages. 


I loved that this book centered around a mute community. I have never read from that point of view before. I also have never read anything about Chinese folklore. I did love the writing style used, it makes you feel sad and a need to figure out what is going on with this village. I loved the relationship between Fei and her sister. You could tell that Fei would do anything for Zhang Jing. I think overall, the book concluded nicely and didn't leave me guessing about anything. 

Review of Passenger By Alexandra Bracken




Treasure hunt through time! 


This one will be hard to explain without giving away spoilers so it will be brief.


I went into this book not really expecting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Our main character Henrietta, is thrust out of her life as a violin player and must travel through time to find a very important "treasure" that many people have been after for hundreds of years. Along the way she uncovers secrets about her mother. She travels through time with our other lead Nicholas who is also our love interest. I did feel that the love interest was a little bit of a classic case of insta-love. As soon as Nicholas was introduced we knew this would be a love interest. I did love the inter-racial relationship between Henrietta and Nicholas. I cant say I have read another Y/A book with it, unfortunately it isn't very common. 


I love the rules about time traveling that Bracken creates. It makes the book have a sense of urgency. She creates all types of emotions from tears to laughter while reading. She created characters I loved and hated in this one and it made the book all the more enjoyable. The ending was a complete surprise that totally caught me off guard! This will be a duology, the second book is titled Wayfare. 

Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 256 pages.

Soundless - Richelle Mead

This is unlike anything I have ever read before. I'm only half way through and I would already recommend everyone go read it! I'm loving the writing and feeling this book gives off. 

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