Review of 172 Hours on the Moon By Johan Harstad

172 Hours on the Moon - Tara F. Chace, Johan Harstad





Just finished this book and I feel like my head just exploded! This one is a sci-fi/horror targeted for young adult readers. 


NASA has been suffering from lack of interest, and lack of funding. They haven't sent anyone to the moon since 1972. NASA decided to hold a lottery for teenagers to be sent up on the next trip to the moon. Mia, Midori, and Antoine are the lucky winners. (Or not so lucky!) I cant say too much about what happens on the moon without spoiling the whole book. However, THEY ARE BEING LIED TO! 


We follow different perspectives and while that added to the creepy and mysterious feel to the book, it was often hard to tell who was speaking and when. There wasn't clear indicators who was talking. I also found myself not really becoming attached to any of the characters, but somehow that didn't really lessen the experience of reading it. Another aspect I didn't care for about the characters was the INSTA-LOVE. Antoine and Mia are throwing around the words I love you a week into meeting each other. We also get perspectives from the side characters, the astronauts. I did enjoy that.


You can really see how much research was done to write this book. Everything from NASA history, to Japanese folk stories, was looked at to make this book accurate. I loved this book because it truly freaked me out, and kept me guessing about what is happening to them on the moon. A pleasant surprise I didn't know going into this book was its graphic designs. We have eerie photos, letters, and text. They really added to the overall dark and creepy feel to the book.


I would definitely recommend this one to all readers!