January Wrap Up






Excellent reading month to start off the year!!


I read six books this month and I'm pretty happy about all of them. 


Walk On Earth A Stranger

By far my favorite book this month! Takes place during the California Gold Rush. After a tragedy at home Lee Westfall has to leave her home and travel with a wagon train out west, while trying to run from her uncle who is tracking her. 


The Martian

I really did like this one. I learned a lot and I liked the different perspectives. I thought giving Mark a sense of humor made it so much more enjoyable. The only thing that i hated was all of the science and space talk! It wasn't even explained at a level where everyone could understand. Basically if you don't have a science background some of it is completely lost on you. This book gave me all the feels though!


Lair of Dreams 

Wont say much about this one because it is a sequel to The Diviners.Takes place in 1920's New York City. I did find this one to drag on more than the first one did. It wasn't as scary or creepy as the first.


Wolf By Wolf

I REALLY wanted to get into this one! It's an alternate History about what would happen if Hitler won the war. A girl named Yael works for the resistance and it is her mission to win the annual motorcycle race, meet Hitler and kill him. However, I just could not get into it. It slow and boring. 



All I need to say about this one TREASURE HUNT THROUGH TIME! Henrietta has to travel through time looking for the astrolobe that many people have been searching for, for hundreds of years! Along the way she uncovers the truth about her mother.



This one was nothing like I have ever read before. It takes place in a mute Chinese Village who is also going blind. It centers around Chinese folklore. When our main character gets her hearing back she sets off on a journey to find out what is happening to her and her village. 


I hope you all had a great reading month!!