Review of Passenger By Alexandra Bracken




Treasure hunt through time! 


This one will be hard to explain without giving away spoilers so it will be brief.


I went into this book not really expecting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Our main character Henrietta, is thrust out of her life as a violin player and must travel through time to find a very important "treasure" that many people have been after for hundreds of years. Along the way she uncovers secrets about her mother. She travels through time with our other lead Nicholas who is also our love interest. I did feel that the love interest was a little bit of a classic case of insta-love. As soon as Nicholas was introduced we knew this would be a love interest. I did love the inter-racial relationship between Henrietta and Nicholas. I cant say I have read another Y/A book with it, unfortunately it isn't very common. 


I love the rules about time traveling that Bracken creates. It makes the book have a sense of urgency. She creates all types of emotions from tears to laughter while reading. She created characters I loved and hated in this one and it made the book all the more enjoyable. The ending was a complete surprise that totally caught me off guard! This will be a duology, the second book is titled Wayfare.