April Wrap-Up




Not a very good month and a very random selection!


Hitler's Forgotten Children by Ingrid Van Oelhafen & Tim Tate

In this book we follow the life of Ingrid. She is searching for her identity and family in the late 20th century after the Nazis took it from her. I learned about programs I didn't know existed under the Nazi regime. It was interesting and heartbreaking at the same time to follow Ingrid's life.


The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

I loved the way this was written, but I didn't enjoy the story very much. This is a coming of age story about Quinn Roberts who is 16 years old. He writes movies that he makes with his sister, before she was killed in a car accident. His best friend decides its time for him to join the world again. I loved the humor that Quinn had however, the story wasn't really for me.