Review of The Distance From Me To You by Maria Gessner

The Distance from Me to You - Marina Gessner

I was SO excited for this one. While I am no expert, I definitely love to hike. I have always been fascinated with the woods and exploring different trails. So I thought this one would be perfect for me. What also drew me to this book was the cover. Its so simple and pretty. I like the colors and the camping emojis. 


McKenna and her best friend Courtney have been accepted into college for the fall but they have decided to defer to hike the Appalachian Trail. When her best friend backs out, Mckenna is determined to make the dangerous trip alone. On the trail she meets Sam who has escaped his abusive father and has been walking with no goal or future in sight. They fall in love despite their opposite lives.


I liked this book because It mentions Harper's Ferry West Virginia being the halfway point. I love going to Harper's Ferry for the hiking and mountains so it was cool to see the mention. I liked this book because McKenna had such big plans for herself, she was very smart and studied for this trip for a long time.


I would have LOVED this book if McKenna had made smart decisions, and didn't fall in love with a boy who basically derailed her trip. I would have LOVED this book if it was about a girl who overcomes others doubts about her hiking alone, if the book focused on McKenna hiking and the states and places she stopped, it would have been great. 


As soon as she met Sam she started making stupid decisions to get him to like her and not run off. These decisions cause her to almost get herself killed and ruin the trip. This book had the perfect opportunity to write a story about feminism and girl power. Hiking the trail alone and overcoming everyone's doubts about her. Instead its about a girl who had big plans for herself who put them in jeopardy for a boy.