Review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5) - J.K. Rowling,  Mary GrandPré



Can I even say anything about this book without spoiling it for everyone? Lets see.


I really did like this one. I enjoyed the turns that it took, I was getting into the darker vibes and writing. I liked reading about the new places. I finally know what the Room of Requirement is!! We are introduced to Professor Umbidge and I absolutely hated her!! oh my god she infuriated me! This book has all of the characters in bad moods. I understand why this is, but I felt at times Harry's attitude was a little annoying. This one also had me realizing how much I love Professor McGonagall. Yes she is strict but she always has words of advice and she is always on Harry's side. Does anyone else love her? I also loved how Dumbledore reacts to the Ministry of Magic interfering with Harry and Hogwarts. While reading this I kept thinking how much I would love to see Harry become the permanent defense against the dark arts teacher once he is done with school. 


Overall I really enjoyed this one and am very eager to see where the series goes!