The day I was spoiled on Harry Potter



Please enjoy this short story on the day when almost ten years of avoiding Harry Potter spoilers came to an end.


So today I decided to drive to the nearest Books-A-Million (if you can call an hour a way "near") My goal was to just browse around and maybe sit in their little cafe and read some of my book. When I was done making my lap around the store all of a sudden I hear over the loud speaker "Hey all you muggles!" I knew we were about to hear an advertisement for Harry Potter, so I started listening. 


What happened next you're wondering?


Well, the advertisement was for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The announcement included a synopsis of the book, which included exactly how Harry Potter's life turns out at the end of the series!! I probably looked like an idiot standing there screaming in my head "HOW DO I STOP LISTENING? I CANT UNHEAR IT! WHY?" I just don't know why they would do that!


Now, I know i'm twenty years old and I probably should have read Harry Potter about ten years ago, but I didn't. I have avoided spoilers this long and I figured it was time to start the series. Ten years of being spoiler free ended today.